DC and WB Never Objected to Peacemaker's Superman Poop Joke Says Gunn

James Gunn has been able to do virtually anything he's wanted while working with the teams at DC Comics and Warner Brothers. The filmmaker has previously said the studio gave him free rein on what kind of project he wanted to direct, and they even let him put a joke in the latest episode of HBO Max's Peacemaker involving Superman that was a bit risque.

In Episode Five, the eponymous anti-hero and his crew get on the topic of human excrement, and that's when Peacemaker says he's heard Superman has a poop fetish. According to Gunn, no one ever approached him about changing or dropping the joke.

"I don't think Superman really has a poop fetish for the record," the filmmaker said Saturday night during a Peacemaker watch party. He followed that up by adding, "Neither DC not [sic] Warner Bros ever brought it up."

Interestingly enough, Superman was one of the first characters Warner Brothers approached Gunn about making a film for.

"First they came to me and said 'Superman, Superman, Superman,' and I said 'I don't know.' Then they said 'what about Suicide Squad,' and I said 'no,'" Gunn told Newsweek about following up director David Ayer's 2016 blockbuster. "Then I thought, well, let me think about it because I loved the Suicide Squad from the comics. I said, 'What do I have to keep from the last movie?'"

He continued: "They said, 'You don't have to keep anything. You can keep the whole team, you can keep none of the team. We love Margot [Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn], we'd love Margot to be involved again, but you don't need to keep her. You can start from scratch if you want.'"

There was even a time his take on the Suicide Squad would have gone toe-to-toe with the Last Son of Krypton.

"When I started writing The Suicide Squad, one idea was that they would fight Superman," the filmmaker previously Filmstarts. "The Suicide Squad has to catch Superman for some reason. That was all, just a vague idea. It's gotten out of hand or is being controlled by someone. And then this group of lousy super villains has to face the most powerful hero in the world."

The first five episodes of Peacemaker are streaming on HBO Max with new episodes dropping on Thursdays.