Martha Kane Makes Her Pennyworth Debut in Exclusive New Clip

Through the first two episodes of Pennyworth, the DC Comics-inspired series about the violent life of Batman's trusted butler, fans have gotten well acquainted with the many characters of the show. This of course includes the titular Alfred Pennyworth, as well as American agent Thomas Wayne, who goes on to be the father of Bruce Wayne. Well, in Sunday night's new episode, the Epix series will introduce the other half of Batman's parentage, Martha Kane.

Emma Paetz takes on the role of Martha on Pennyworth, a mysterious American operative who enlists Alfred's help in a complicated mission. Fortunately, you won't have to wait until Sunday to see her in action, as we've got the first clip of her debut right here for you to see! The clip in the above video comes from the third episode of Pennyworth, aptly titled "Martha Kane."

Martha won't just be a one-and-done kind of character on Pennyworth going forward. In fact, she's set to play a major role over the course of the first season and beyond.

The individual personalities of Martha and Thomas, as well as the eventual relationship they form, will offer a lot of insight into the man we all know Batman to be. Actor Ben Aldridge, who plays Thomas Wayne on the show, told us at San Diego Comic-Con just how important Thomas and Martha's journey will be going forward.

"He's one half of what goes in to become Batman, that's been a really great thing reading the scripts," Aldridge said. "And Martha Kane is a huge part of the show as well as it progresses, so its the beginnings and the sparks of their chemistry and how they meet as well. So that's been an exciting thing to read and be part of."

Producer Danny Cannon echoed that sentiment, saying that Thomas and Martha's stories are intricately connected from the start.

"Arguably Batman is a very schizophrenic messed up guy, but Martha and Thomas are both sides of him," Cannon said. "The DNA is right there. the way that they clash together, the way the sparks fly, the way that they're angry at each other sometimes. They have completely different ideals and different beliefs. But together, if those things merge, it could be really special."

New episodes of Pennyworth air on Sunday nights on Epix.