‘Shazam’ Director Is Already Bracing For Fan Backlash

Making movies is hard, but the task has nothing on the herculean effort needed to please fans. For franchises like Marvel and DC, millions of fans around the world are on-watch to defend their favorite heroes from Hollywood when the industry flubs up. So, it isn’t too surprising to hear the director of Shazam! is ready for the fan backlash coming his way.

Over on Twitter, David F. Sandberg opened up to fans about Shazam! and his thoughts on the film. The message came shortly after the release date for the movie was confirmed, and Sandberg said he is enjoying the time he has with Shazam! before fans start nitpicking its particulars.

“It will be an interesting experience making a movie where no matter what choices are made there will be some who passionately hate you,” Sandberg explained.

Later, the director gave an example as to how fans were already starting to question his vision for Shazam! Sandberg gave an example of backlash which is focused on Shazam’s costume.

“‘Shazam has a hood on his cape? Motherf**ker!!’ 'Shazam doesn’t have a hood on his cape? Burn in hell!’” the director shared. “I’ll have to enjoy this time before much is known about the film and it can be anything to anybody.”


So far, there are very few concrete details available for Shazam! but there’s no shortage of speculation. Fans have already uncovered audition tapes for the project and scouted reports about the film’s possible leads. After observing Justice League’s on-going media circus, Sandberg is no stranger to the frenzy which the DC Extended Universe causes - and he wants to be prepared. It is not everyday a director gets to bring one of DC Comics’ most famous heroes to life, and fans will follow Sandberg as the man molds his version of Shazam. It’s nice to see the director is not being scared away by the film’s scope...but he should locate the block button on Twitter ASAP.

Shazam! was originally slated for an April 5, 2019 release date. No additional update about release date has been provided. Give the film your Anticipation Ranking below if you're excited!


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