Sideshow Reveals New DC Trinity Statues

DC Comics' 'Trinity' of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman can be found throughout pop culture [...]

DC Comics' "Trinity" of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman can be found throughout pop culture today. And now, they can make their way onto your bookshelf.

Sideshow recently unveiled the first looks at their new Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Premium Format Figures, which are based on various comic incarnations of the characters.

The Wonder Woman figure shows Diana Prince in a fighting stance, with the lasso of truth over her head.

(Photo: Sideshow)

The Superman figure is also in a heroic pose, even as he holds the head of Brainiac in one of his hands.

(Photo: Sideshow)

And the Batman preview is much more ambiguous, just showing the hero's chest emblem and utility belt.

(Photo: Sideshow)

The Trinity has become a core part of the DC Comics world, even spawning their own comic series by the same name. The DC Extended Universe counterpart of the Trinity has earned a legion of fans as well, with some dedicated fans making infographics and music videos dedicated to the trio.

"[Wonder Woman] works on them to bring out their better natures," writer Paul Dini said about the trio in a Justice League promotional video. "She works with Superman to kind of ground him and takes him down a notch from his starry-eyed idealism because she's been around for a long time. She really knows the history of the world and how people can behave."

"Batman, she continuously brings a little bit more of him into the light to try and break him out of his own shell to be more of a team player," Dini continued, "and to also discover elements of humanity that he has willfully discarded."

The Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Premium Format Figures are not yet available for pre-order, although fans who want to do so can add their name to an e-mail notification list so that they will be the first to have their shot when the figure becomes available.

Justice League is in theaters now.

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