Stan Lee Makes A Cameo In A DC Comics Movie

Stan Lee might be best known for co-creating countless iconic Marvel heroes, but he recently switched sides as a gag in Teen Titans Go to the Movies.

Lee, the co-creator of characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange, is also known by modern movie audiences for making cameo appearances in various Marvel films. Dating back to the 2000 movie X-Men, Lee's appearances were always brief but almost universally beloved by comics and non-comics fans.

However, his most recent cameo is a bit of a surprise. In Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, Lee makes a brief cameo that ironically pokes fun at his tendency of making cameo appearances in superhero movies. Lee literally pops up at one point in the film and says that he's there to make his cameo appearance and then leaves. Although some viewers may guess that a voice actor is just doing an imitation of Lee, that's actually Lee "appearing" as himself in the movie.

Although Lee doesn't have any strong connections to the DC Universe, he has actually written some DC comics before. Lee and DC teamed up for a series of Just Imagine.... titles in which Lee radically re-designed numerous DC heroes, including Robin. His version of Robin was actually a villain who worked for the Reverend Darrk, the main villain of the Just Imagine... universe. Robin was sent to kill Lee's version of Batman, who was both a professional wrestler and a superhero in his world.

This marks only the second time that Lee has had a cameo in an animated film. Lee appeared at the end of Big Hero 6 as the father of Fred, one of the heroes in the movie, and a secret superhero in his own right.


Lee has also made numerous animated cameos in various Marvel cartoons dating back to the 1980s, and even had his likeness used for an episode of Superman: The Animated Series (although it was removed after the initial broadcast, likely because they didn't have Lee's permission.)

You can see Lee in Teen Titans GO! To the Movies, which is out in theaters now.