Stargirl: Yvette Monreal Teases Darkness Ahead for Wildcat in Season 2

Three episodes into its second season, DC's Stargirl has already made it clear that the heroes of [...]

Three episodes into its second season, DC's Stargirl has already made it clear that the heroes of the new Justice Society of America will be facing a much darker threat as the story progresses. Not only is The Shade (Jonathan Cake) a dark new threat for the team, but Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) has Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) and it's only a matter of time before they come into play as well. But even outside of the looming threats, the heroes themselves have personal issues to face and for Yolanda Montez/Wildcat, dealing with what happened in season one hasn't been easy and according to Yvette Monreal, that darkness will continue to be an issue for her going forward.

"She's questioning her worthiness, she doesn't know if she deserves to be Wildcat, because in her mind 'Ted Grant didn't kill anybody, I killed Brainwave and I can't tell anybody, I can't tell the other members of the JSA,'" Monreal told Yahoo. "There's a little trauma from that. It's eating her up inside."

That trauma eating her up inside is going to be even more problematic when the JSA ends up encountering Eclipso later in the season. Eclipso thrives on the suffering of others, which makes him a dangerous villain.

"I definitely do run into Eclipso," Monreal said. "He feeds off pain and misery, that just makes him grow. Our pain, he loves it, he eats it all up and Nick Tarabay, who plays him, does a phenomenal job."

Series showrunner Geoff Johns has previously teased just how dark and personal of a villain Eclipso is and how his tapping into personal pain will be a challenge for the young heroes of the JSA like Yolanda.

"Eclipso is pretty formidable and all about darkness, which is great to go up against somebody who is all about light, like Courtney and the Justice Society," Johns told SFX Magazine. "There's these colliding ideologies and powers and drives that really help generate strong emotional stories, that challenge each of our characters individually. They each go through something that is really personal to them. That's what Eclipso does best. He makes things very personal. He turns over rocks that you might not want him to turn over."

And fans have already gotten a small taste of what Eclipso can do. The second episode of the season "Summer School: Chapter Two" saw Eclipso prey on Cindy's stepmother, Bobbie Burman (Lesa Wilson), manipulating her into attacking Cindy which, in turn, led Eclipso to feed on her soul and turn the woman into a pile of ash.

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