Stephen Amell Wants Roy Harper To Return To Arrow

It looks like Stephen Amell is feeling a little lonely without his favorite sidekick on set. In a [...]

It looks like Stephen Amell is feeling a little lonely without his favorite sidekick on set. In a recent chat on Facebook, the actor confessed that he'd like to see Oliver Queen's old friend, Roy Harper, return to CW's Arrow.

Filming the video after an undoubtedly grueling workout, Amell held a live Q&A on Facebook where the actor was asked by a fan, "Would you like to have Nightwing on the show?" Amell paused for only a moment, stumbling over his words slightly as he admitted, "You know, I feel like I'm good with Roy Harper. Let's get Roy Harper back."

Dredging through the video's comments, it's clear that Amell's thoughts reflect those of his many fans. Roy Harper, who first appeared on Arrow during the second half of Season One, continued on as a series regular for the show until he exited at the end of Season Three. The teenage sidekick was played by Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes' to the excitement of fans who were familiar with the actor's filmography. However, when Colton's contract ended, the actor chose to leave the show as his character 'sacrificed' himself to protect Oliver Queen. And, in true comic book fashion, Roy's sacrifice was very short-lived as the character only staged his death before ultimately deciding to depart from Team Arrow. Fans, understandably, were sad to see one of their favorite characters go with Colton's unexpected decision to leave.

Apparently, Amell mourned the loss as well. Following Roy's exit, Team Arrow has already reshuffled itself numerous times as sidekicks and accomplices have come, gone, or been killed (Spoiler: RIP Black Canary). While there's no news of Roy returning to Starling City's heroic posse, fans are still hopeful that Colton or another actor may return to the role in future seasons.

During Amell's chat, he also told fans that Season Five of Arrow would begin filming sooner than many may have expected. Currently, the actor is traveling in China to promote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, but he will return to start filming on July 5th. As various casting announcements have broken during the actor's travels, Amell said, "I haven't really been able to access the Internet that much, but it was incredible to log on today and see all of the amazing news. We have Carly Pope coming on board."

And, as for the season's scripts, Amell confirmed he'd read two of them but refused to say anything else beyond that. "I've now read two scripts from the upcoming season. I'm going to say absolutely nothing about them and wait for an Internet outlet to say that I revealed spoilers. [shakes head] C'mon guys," he said.

Arrow will return to CW this Fall for its fifth season.