'Supergirl': First Look at Second Worldkiller Revealed

Reign was already proving to be a mighty adversary for Supergirl, but now the Kryptonian hero is going to have even more trouble to deal with.

At the end of last week's new episode of Supergirl, Reign was defeated by the Legion of Super-Heroes, causing her to flee home and face the consequences. However, it was soon revealed that Reign wasn't the only Worldkiller, and she was about to be introduced to others like her in the hopes of taking down Supergirl once and for all.

Ahead of tonight's new episode, EW revealed the first look at the new Worldkiller, and she's already going toe-to-toe with Kara.

supergirl purity worldkiller
(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

Purity, a.k.a. Julia, is played by Krys Marshall, and she is set to make her Supergirl debut in tonight's episode, "Fort Rozz." However, while her presence will be felt tonight, Purity's big showdown with Supergirl won't take place until the February 5 episode, "Both Sides Now."

"This an exciting episode where we see Supergirl face off with the second Worldkiller, Purity, played brilliantly by Krys Marshall," Supergirl bosses Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner tease of the Feb. 5 hour. "Purity is not what anyone expects and their showdown is full of surprises."

The showdown on February 5 will be the last episode of Supergirl for some time. The series will then head on another hiatus, allowing Legends of Tomorrow to take its place on Monday nights at 8pm. After nine weeks of Legends, Supergirl will return to The CW on April 16, where it will air the rest of its Season 3 episodes.

You can check out the debut of Purity tonight on Supergirl, airing at 8pm ET on The CW.