'Supergirl' to Revisit Gun Control Debate in Season 4

Supergirl is certainly no stranger to tackling topical issues, and it looks like the show's fourth [...]

Supergirl is certainly no stranger to tackling topical issues, and it looks like the show's fourth season will revisit one particular debate.

In an interview with BamSmackPow during last month's San Diego Comic-Con, Chyler Leigh was asked if the DEO's new policy on lethal weapons will factor into Season 4. With Leigh's character, Alex Danvers, now the leader of the DEO, she hinted that there could be a way for that debate to return.

"That is a good question", Chyler said. "We haven't really gotten to at least that part of it from the DEO perspective yet. It's still incorporated in the world outside of the DEO. I mean, you do see that. That's life. That's reality. That's where we are right now and it's more and more prominent."

As fans will remember, a subplot of the episode "Not Kansas" saw the DEO's assault rifles stolen and used to commit a crime. By the episode's end, J'onn J'onnz (David Harewood) had decided to phase out lethal weapons for DEO agents, and while the plotline had the best of intentions, the way it ultimately came together wasn't met with the warmest response. According to Leigh, there definitely is a hope to bring the plotline up once again, as well as various other unresolved elements of Season 3.

"We don't just throw things in there just to have a one-off and do that, and sometimes it can look that way until we are able to figure out how to bring it full circle. So a lot of the stories that were set up last season, we'll find opening up a lot more this coming season. And I do believe that'll be a part of it and I think figuring that out and what that looks like when you're, you know, fighting against a ten foot alien that's running out. And you're like 'Oh, my net!', you know. So I don't know. It'll be interesting to see how they do that."

It certainly makes sense that the topic of gun control could pop up again in Supergirl's fourth season, both with the increase of alien threats and the arrival of Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer), who has been described as the leader of a "human-first" political hate group. But ultimately, fans will just have to wait and see how everything comes together.

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The fourth season of Supergirl will debut on Sunday, October 14th, at 8/7c on The CW.