'Supergirl' Star Melissa Benoist On How Kara Reacts to James Olsen Working With Terrorists

This weekend on Supergirl, James Olsen's undercover mission with the Children of Liberty will come [...]

This weekend on Supergirl, James Olsen's undercover mission with the Children of Liberty will come down to a choice: will he commit an actual act of terrorism in order to prove to them that he believes in their cause, or will he endanger his cover to keep things from spiraling further out of control?

What he does not know is that Supergirl's life will apparently be hanging in the balance the whole time, and that if he does blow up the building that seems to be empty, his friend will die as a result. And while the trailers certainly seem to show those closest to James running out of patience for his relationship with the Children of Liberty, series star Melissa Benoist told reporters on-set that Kara trusts what James is doing.

"She is aware that his intentions are always the best," Benoist said. "I think she knows James well enough to know that he's a risk taker and that he's going to do what he needs to do to tell the story he wants to tell as a journalist. There is conflict of interest there too because he's dating her best friend and he knows Kara's secret of Supergirl and Lena doesn't. So those are complicated waters to tread. But I do think their friendship prevails over everything."

It seems likely James's relationship with Lena will be something he could endanger by continuing to work with the Children of Liberty, especially since the criminal charges previously pending against him for acting as a costumed vigilante were dropped only after Lena put herself on the line and obtained some incriminating evidence from her mother to make it happen.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Ben Lockwood (secretly Agent Liberty himself) and Kara has gotten publicly frosty, as the two appeared on a televised debate. Lockwood seems to have his sights set on building a following in the public sphere independent of the Children of Liberty, although whether that would be to replace his criminal enterprise with one that he can publicly front and make a difference or just as a way to bolster the power he already has is anybody's guess.

Supergirl airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT, before episodes of Charmed on The CW.