Brandon Routh Explains Superman's Return in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths is already underway and fans have been overjoyed with what they’ve [...]

Crisis on Infinite Earths is already underway and fans have been overjoyed with what they've seen so far. Now, Brandon Routh has pulled his cape back on as Superman once again and talking about how he ended up in this position. While speaking to Den of Geek, the star mentioned the call from Marc Guggenheim and how hard he had to weigh a return to playing Superman again. He'd been Ray Palmer for a while on both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, but playing Clark Kent is just a little bit different. In the end, he decided to take the leap one more time and the entire Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover has been better for it. In fact, all the different versions of Superman flying around have been a bit of a smash hit with the viewers. DC fans also got a kick out of seeing Kevin Conroy end up being Batman for the first time in live-action. Well, that along with that ending has many wondering how long they can wait until getting that resolution. For now, here's the Superman actor talking about how this all came to be.

When asked about how the return came about, Routh began, "Early April, I think. [Arrowverse executive producer] Marc Guggenheim reached out to me to kind of float the idea and take my temperature about the possibility of that."

"Well, he said that they were doing the Crisis storyline and that they were going to have the Legends and Ray Palmer be a big part of it," the actor elaborated. "But also since they were involving multiple earths and universes, that there was a potential if I was interested for me to show up in a different suit as well. That's the way he kind of pitched it. And so I said, "Look, I'm really honored that you would ask and it sounds like a really great thing, but I just want to take a moment to sit with it to make sure that it's the right decision for me to revisit the character." I obviously said yes later."

Guggenheim deserves a ton of credit for reaching out to so many people and getting some very high-profile commitments. The result is something that every superhero fan can find a bit of joy in.

"It's fun because [Routh] gets to not only play Superman but also Clark Kent, and watching him inhabit those two roles...I say two roles because he plays them obviously very differently from one another," Guggenheim explained to EW. "We also had the opportunity to see Brandon act opposite himself, because Ray Palmer is in the crossover as well. We certainly wouldn't want to miss an opportunity for Superman played by Brandon Routh to interact with Ray Palmer played by Brandon Routh."

Crisis on Infinite Earths returns in January.