Superman & Lois Reveals Morgan Edge's Shocking Endgame

Tonight on Superman & Lois, fans finally learned what Morgan Edge's endgame is -- and it's something nobody saw coming. While Lois, Clark, Lana, and Chrissy work to figure out exactly what it is that he's doing with the people of Smallville, Superman finds himself with his powers compromised and squaring off with Edge himself, leading to a surprising revelation. What happens in the closing moments of the episode has the potential to not just alter the course of the rest of Superman & Lois's first season, but the history and future of the Arrowverse as a whole. So, buckle in. There's spoilers ahead.

After a pair of X-Kryptonite-powered thugs square off with the Man of Steel, and steal Lois's signal device, things seem like they're about to calm down. That's when Clark hears the signal device, and flies out to see whos' paging him. It's Edge.

Last chance to turn back...

In the closing moments of the episode, Edge -- now outfitted in a a black super-suit -- reveals that he has powers. Unlike his lab rats, though, he doesn't have powers gifted to him by X-Kryptonite. Rather, he has had them just as long as Clark has. He calls Clark his brother, and then the episode fades to black.

The revelation pays off a change made to the Superman mythology during the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event, when Jonathan Kent was suddenly transformed into twins Jonathan and Jordan. After all, if Kryptonians are anything like us -- and presumably they are, since we're genetically compatible enough for Clark and Lois to have kids at all -- then twins are a biological trait that runs in families.

It also might explain why Morgan Edge suddenly has a British accent in the post-Crisis timeline, matching up with the voice of Jor-El. Who, we might add, is going to have some explaining to do when Clark gets back to the Fortress of Solitude soon. This is a fairly huge piece of information to have withheld from Clark while telling him all about the history of Kryptonian wildlife or whatever was on those crystals.


In all seriousness, it will be interesting to see what this tweak to Superman's mythology means. It's not entirely dissimilar, perhaps, to the revelation in Krypton that Jor-El was actually half-brothers with General Dru-Zod. Could Zod's bloodline be intertwined with this new revelation, too?

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