Swamp Thing Star Teases Show's "Hard R" Rating

In the world of streaming, the various platforms have given content creators liberties in creating [...]

In the world of streaming, the various platforms have given content creators liberties in creating darker superhero, allowing teams to go to deeper, darker lengths than they'd ever reach on network television. When Swamp Thing hits Warner Brothers' DC Universe later this month, it's being touted as a particularly dark series, with some involved in the show saying it will fully live up to its "hard R" rating.

Speaking with ComicBook.com leading up to the show's debut in a few weeks, Swamp Thing star Derek Mears teased some of the show's most brutal moments, saying its adult themes will make for a violent watch.

"I heard, without giving anything away, I heard on the production side at one point a story from one of the upper echelon creators, or studio execs saying something like, 'Wait, you're going to do what on-screen?'" Mears teased. "They go, 'That's pretty...that's really violent.'"

Mears was sure to point out that the show's creators, like showrunner Gary Dauberman, kept stressing to studio executives that the series promises to live up to the darker rating they're allowed to achieve on a streaming platform.

"I would say, I'm a fan representing the fans, and going, 'Yeah, I would tune into this 1000%,'" the actor continues. "And the other thing, which I was really excited about, in my opinion, after watching the monitors of unfinished footage, just from the day of shooting is that the style and the tone feels very much like Seven, in a sense, like really dark and broody, and I'm excited."

Last fall, Dauberman praised DC Universe for allowing them to go with an R-rated property, especially with a character with horror and occult roots. In a previous interview, the Swamp Thing boss said the writer's room aimed to go "as scary as possible."

Swamp Thing will start rolling out May 31st on DC Universe.

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