The Batman Reportedly Changes Filming Location

Matt Reeves' The Batman is set to feature the earliest days of Bruce Wayne's transformation into the Caped Crusader and as a result, the character's look might not be as refined as some would expect. Earlier this week, Reeves and his team took a second away from principal photography to unveil the first look at Robert Pattinson's Batman, including a brief look at the latest Batsuit to join the live-action world. Now that buzz for the feature is at an all-time high, DC Films and Warner Brothers are making some tweaks to the production cycle, shifting photography to the studios at Cardington Sheds.

It was reported last year the studio would host at least some part of the production process. According to, it appears they're using at least one of the stages to build a cathedral to use during a funeral scene. Naturally, many might suspect the cathedral would be used from the funerals of Thomas and Martha Wayne — you know, again — but those near the set suggest there are plenty of extras on-site as police offers and SWAT members.

As Reeves has said before, The Batman will take place during Wayne's formative years as the world's greatest detective, resulting in noir-like film. Either way, Pattinson's gone on-record with his excitement being able to play a character ingrained in the very fabric of pop culture.

"I love the kind of history of the part," Pattinson says. "I love every iteration of how it's been played. It's a very, very special part and I think it's been very carefully — I feel like everyone's really looked after the character and its history and there's a lot of reverence for it. You can really feel it in the studio. You can't say no to it and I really wanted to say yes."

The Batman is set to hit theaters June 25, 2021.


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