The Batman Cinematographer Speaks Out on Hiding the Joker's Face in Arkham Asylum Scene

Iconic DC rogues like Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman all took on major roles in Warner Bros. and DC's new hit film, The Batman, but it was another villain that seemed to walk away from the movie generating the most conversation. One scene at the very end of The Batman features a prisoner in Arkham Asylum speaking to Riddler from the shadows, cackling as he befriends the recently apprehended villain. Director Matt Reeves has since confirmed that the character is indeed his take on the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan. While fans never saw his face, the villain clearly made a major impact, and his cryptic appearance behind bars only added to his intrigue.

Following the film's release, cinematographer Greig Fraser sat down with The Wrap and discussed shooting the already infamous Joker scene. Fraser wouldn't talk about the character himself, or even mention him by name, but he explained how keeping Joker in the shadows helped the film overall.

"I can't comment on who it is, but this Gotham is a bubbling cesspool of crime, isn't it? So giving a little kiss or an introduction of who else may be living in this prison," Fraser said. "I mean, what a fantastic opportunity to do that. And again, going back to the adage of you don't want to see too much. You never want to see too much. Sometimes seeing too much can distract from some of the beauty or joy of watching films."

Joker is being set up as a villain in a future movie taking place in Reeves' new Bat-universe. A sequel hasn't been officially announced yet (a Penguin series is on the way), but fans are all hoping to see Reeves and Fraser get back together for another round of action in Gotham City.

"I mean, I loved it. I loved the process. I love Matt as a director," Fraser told The Wrap. "So I mean, you can take whatever you want from that. I mean, there's more stories to be told in this place. You know? There's more things to do. There's more opportunities there. This is why it's such a fantastic world to be in, because it's a great opportunity to explore this world."

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