The Batman Reveals New Bat and Cat Poster

The Batman is giving fans more of what they want with two brand new posters for the film. Twitter Movies helped drop the images and people are liking what they see. First, fans of the Bat and the Cat dynamic from the recent trailer have to be thrilled to see a poster centering that relationship. In the second, "official" image, a close-up on Robert Pattinson's haunted Dark Knight greets the fans. Clearly Warner Bros. is gearing up to really hit the ground running with promo as that summer release date draws nearer. With the recent success over at the competition, Batman represents the best chance at that $1 billion box office this year. (Although, nostalgia could help carry The Flash as well…) Pattinson's take on the character is highly anticipated. The Internet fandom has come a long way since the uproar over his casting years ago. People have warmed up to the idea of a younger Bruce Wayne. New Catwoman doesn't hurt either, especially when it's Zoe Kravitz.

During DC FanDome last year, director Matt Reeves sat down with his Bat and Cat to talk about making this movie. From all the chatter around this film, the legacy of the character is very prominent for the stars and the filmmaker.

"For some reason Batman just always stood out as one of the major characters of the 20th century that so many people connected with on such a deep level – and for so many different reasons," Pattinson told the fans. "The first conversation with Matt [Reeves] I had about it, I just knew there was something radically different from anything we'd seen in Batman movies before... Right from the beginning there's a desperation to him. He's really working out this rage. All the fights seem very personal... He wants to inflict his kind of justice. He's just compelled to do it. There is no other option." 

"I felt we'd seen a lot of origin stories," Reeves continued. "We'd seen things go further and further into fantasy, and I thought 'Well one place we haven't been is grounding it the way that 'Year One' does. To come right into a young Batman. Not be an origin tale but refer to his origins and shake him to his core."

 "That great thing about this world is the grey area," Zoe Kravitz pointed out. "Catwoman really wants to fight for those who don't have someone else to fight for them. And that's where Batman and her really connect." 

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