The Batman Producer Dylan Clark Reveals When Fans Can Expect the Sequel

One of The Batman's producers just gave fans a hint at when they can expect a sequel.'s Brandon Davis spoke to producer Dylan Clark about The Batman and what fans can expect next. It's a well known fact that it took quite a while to get this iteration of The Caped Crusader to the big screen. But, Clark says, "I will go on record and say that it will be less than five years." That's really good news for fans of this version of The Dark Knight. There was a ton of fan consternation about the choice of Robert Pattinson to play this character. After that outrage piped down, some DC Comics fans decided to give Matt Reeves' movie a chance. It looks like they will be rewarded for their patience with a movie that sits at 91% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes. If the fan response matches the critics, then another entry in the burgeoning Batverse will not be too far away. It sounds like Clark is all for that idea, should it happen.

In a recent interview, Pattinson described how he hatched this character, ""I've definitely found a little interesting thread," Pattinson began. "He doesn't have a playboy persona at all, so he's kind of a weirdo as Bruce and a weirdo as Batman, and I kept thinking there's a more nihilistic slant to it. 'Cause, normally, in all the other movies, Bruce goes away, trains, and returns to Gotham believing in himself, thinking, I'm gonna change things here. But in this, it's sort of implied that he's had a bit of a breakdown. But this thing he's doing, it's not even working."

"Like, it's two years into it, and the crime has gotten worse since Bruce started being Batman. The people of Gotham think that he's just another symptom of how shit everything is," he added. "There's this scene where he's beating everyone up on this train platform, and I just love that there's a bit in the script where the guy he's saving is also just like: Ahh! It's worse! You're either being mugged by some gang members, or a monster comes and, like, f-cking beats everybody up! The guy has no idea that Batman's come to save him. It just looks like this werewolf."

Here's how Warner Bros. describes Batman's upcoming adventure: "An edgy, action-packed thriller that depicts Batman in his early years, struggling to balance rage with righteousness as he investigates a disturbing mystery that has terrorized Gotham. Robert Pattinson delivers a raw, intense portrayal of Batman as a disillusioned, desperate vigilante awakened by the realization that the anger consuming him makes him no better than the ruthless serial killer he's hunting."

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