'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Don't Run"

(Photo: The CW)

“Don’t Run” begins with Team Flash decorating STAR Labs, getting ready for Christmas.

At the Allen residence, Barry and Iris and open up their final wedding gifts. Barry goes to clean up all of the wrapping paper, when Iris notices he hasn’t been using his powers much recently. When asked why, Barry says he feels that he doesn’t need to use his powers when around Iris.

At the Devoe household, Clifford is having a hard time buttoning his cardigan — we find out that his muscular degeneration is rapidly spreading.

Caitlin — upset at Dibny’s comments about preferring Killer Frost earlier — is having coffee with Wells at Jitters when the door is broken down by Amunet, who wants to “speak with” Caitlin. She takes Caitlin from Jitters.

Elsewhere, Barry and Iris are attacked by Devoe, who’s suited up as The Thinker, complete with his chair and all. He’s able to quickly overpower Barry, before taking him captive.

Act II

Iris walks into the lab and tells the rest of the crew that Barry’s been taken. Joe responds with telling her Caitlin’s been taken as well.

Cisco tries vibing Barry’s location, but is knocked back by some psionic-like powers. He say he’s never seen anything like it, when speaking about the location Barry’s being kept.

We see Barry in The Thinker’s lair; he’s surrounded by some sort of power-dampening force field.

We find out that Amunet has taken Caitlin to a makeshift hospital room in the middle of a warehouse. Amunet needs Caitlin’s help trying to save the life of a new metahuman that Amunet shot. After threatening to kill both the new metahuman and Caitlin, the latter agrees to help out.

The new metahuman — Dominic — wakes up from the tranquilizer Amunet used, and we find out he has telepathic abilities. Caitlin reassures him that she’ll do whatever she can to help save him, but says the outcome looks bleak.

Back at The Thinker’s lair, Devoe arrives and shows himself to Barry. Barry tries finding out The Thinker’s endgame, but the doorbell rings — Joe West has arrived.


Joe enters into the household, and Clifford approaches him without his super-suit or chair. Devoe tells Joe that he knows that he has backup outside the door, and Wells walks inside the door.

A frustrated Joe says he’s going to leave and get a search warrant, at which point Devoe allows him to search his house.

Back at the lair, Devoe’s wife — The Mechanic — has approached Barry, who’s trying to phase through the force field wall. Barry tries getting more information through her, but she doesn’t budge.

Wells walks back in STAR Labs and tells the group that they searched Devoe’s whole house and found nothing. Dibny and Cisco — who are both frustrated — almost get into a fight, and have to be separated by Iris.

Cisco and Dibny leave the lab, and Wells approaches Iris and tells her that because their resources are so limited, it might be the better move to choose between which of the two missing team members — Barry or Caitlin — they should focus all of their resources on.

Back at the hospital room Amunet is keeping Dominic in, Caitlin tells him the environment isn’t the right place to perform the surgery. Caitlin reminds Dominic that he has telepathic abilities, and suggests they use the powers to escape. They try running towards the door, but are soon stopped by a makeshift gate formed by Amunet.

Act IV

Amunet tells a pair of henchmen to watch over Dominic while she pulls Caitlin aside. Amunet fills Caitlin in on the villain’s past both prior to and immediately after the particle accelerator explosion. She then reiterates her order of doing the operation on Dominic.

Dibny’s trying to get Cisco’s satellite to work when the latter approaches. The two quickly make amends and apologize to each other. Shortly after, Iris walks in and tells the pair to turn off the Speed Force satellite, because they’re going to focus their resources on finding Caitlin.

Back at Amunet’s place, Caitlin starts the operation on Dominic. She’s able to extract the metal from his neck, but once she does, Dominic begins crashing.

Act V

We find out that Dominic faked the scenario as way for the two to escape. They run out of the facility and are greeted by Cisco and Dibny, who rescue the pair and take them to safety.

Back at Devoe’s lair, Barry’s managed to vibrate out of his cell. That move leads to a chase sequence between Barry and The Thinker. Barry’s able to rig Devoe’s chair to crash in the river, and is able to return to STAR Labs.

Act VI

The group assembles and tries to find Devoe or his wife, but their facial recognition software is unable to pick anything up.

Joe mentions that he’d still like to have a Christmas party and invites the whole team over to celebrate the holidays. Dibny approaches Caitlin and apologizes for the comments about preferring Killer Frost earlier.

There’s a knock on the door, and it’s Dominic. At the same time, Barry gets a call on his phone, and the security alarm at his office is going off. He speeds off to see what’s going on.


Looking through his loft for something askew, Barry’s phone rings again. This time, it’s Dominic, and it’s revealed that The Thinker has transferred his consciousness into Dominic’s body.

Through the conversation, we find out that The Thinker has placed his old body — which has been stabbed — in Barry’s apartment, which frames Barry for the murder of Clifford Devoe. Before too long, Captain Singh and a SWAT team breaks into the apartment and arrests Barry for the murder.