The Flash: The CW President Addresses Series' Long-Term Future

The Flash has become a unique mainstay for The CW, with the DC Comics-inspired series recently renewed for a ninth season. The series, which was the second entry in the network's "Arrowverse" of interconnected superhero shows, has chronicled a number of stories for Barry Allen's story over the better part of the past decade. Still, there has been speculation about what the long-term future of the series, and whether or not the upcoming ninth season could end up being the show's last. While speaking to reporters during The CW's scheduling call press conference, network president Mark Pedowitz revealed that they are having discussions about the future of The Flash, and about "what to do, and how to do" it. 

"We have a lot of questions about how to go forward," Pedowitz revealed. "We have not made any determination, nor has the studio."

This comes as a number of other DC shows on the network — Arrowverse shows Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, as well as unconnected series Naomi — were recently cancelled by the network. That then leaves The Flash alongside DC's Stargirl and Superman & Lois, both of which have been heavily implied to operate in their own non-Arrowverse continuity, as well as the new standalone series Gotham Knights. All of those elements have only added to the speculation about what the future holds for The Flash, and what story it could tell along the way, with the DC crossover Blackest Night rising as a theory.

"Who says that story is over? All I can say to you is there are many more Flash and Arrowverse stories to be told," showrunner Eric Wallace recently told "I don't know if you're aware of this, but I actually wrote a Blackest Night story. I wrote Power of Shazam #48. That's where the Black Lantern Osiris comes back and all that good stuff. There's a reason I'm talking about Blackest Night I'm trying to will it into existence. Now, I don't know if I'll be able to, because that would require a full-on crossover and many more millions of dollars than our show has. However, you got to start somewhere. And remember, I'm a fan first. I love Blackest Night So, to me, hopefully I've opened a door that eventually we'll get to walk through. I know we have a ninth season and there's kind of a plan in place, but we may still be in COVID protocols, which means no crossovers, which means we couldn't do a story as big as Blackest Night. But I could certainly plant the seeds and try to will it into existence, because I want to see it, too."

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.