The Flash: Wally West Returns to Warn of the "Death of the Speed Force"

Wally West returns to Central City in the March 3 episode of The Flash, titled 'Death of the Speed [...]

Wally West returns to Central City in the March 3 episode of The Flash, titled "Death of the Speed Force," according to a new synopsis released by The CW. The speedster has been missing for a while, and even seemed like he may have died during the comic book tie-in to "Crisis on Infinite Earths," but instead it seems he is coming back to see Team Flash because he is pretty sure there is something wrong with the Speed Force, the energy field from which the two Flashes and all other speedsters draw their powers. What to do about it, though, is going to be something we will have to wait a couple of weeks to see revealed.

In the comics, Wally West was the first Flash to discover the Speed Force, since the idea was not introduced until after Barry Allen died in the Crisis. He would become a master of manipulating it to to "level up" his powers, even at one point having a costume created from concentrated Speed Force energy, which could then disappear and reappear at will.

For the purposes of The CW's Arrowverse, the Speed Force has been there since almost the beginning, and served a key role during the events of the Crisis. After the destruction of the multiverse, the Paragons were trapped at Vanishing Point -- a place outside of time and space -- and had to find their way back to the dawn of time to defeat the Anti-Monitor and restart the big bang. They did so by taking the only route they could figure out: through the Speed Force, with the help of The Flash (and a little nudge from Oliver Queen in the form of The Spectre).

In the Arrowverse comic that tied into the Crisis, Wally joined Felicity Smoak, Nyssa al Ghul, and The Ray on a quest to help The Monitor identify as many Paragons as they could. The story took place between chapters of the TV crossover, and explained why some of the Paragons were already known to The Monitor before Ray Palmer ever built his Paragon detector.

You can check out the official synopsis for "Death of the Speed Force" below.

WALLY WEST SPEEDS BACK INTO CENTRAL CITY – Kid Flash (guest star Keiynan Lonsdale) returns to Central City with a Zen attitude and new tricks up his sleeve. While thrilled to see his family again, Wally confides to Barry (Grant Gustin) that he returned because he thinks there is something wrong with the speed force. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) returns from his fact-finding mission across Earth-Prime. Brent Crowell directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen & Emily Palizzi Gilbert.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "Death of the Speed Force" will debut on March 3.