'The Flash': Grant Gustin Comments On Wentworth Miller Ending His Run As Captain Cold

Arrowverse favorite Wentworth Miller is set to end his run as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold soon, and it sounds like The Flash star Grant Gustin is thankful that he got to act alongside him.

During an interview this week on the set of The Flash, Gustin told reporters his thoughts on Miller's departure, which was announced on his Instagram account earlier this week. Gustin, who plays Snart's nemesis Barry Allen/The Flash, revealed that he's optimistic about Snart's eventual return to either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow.

"First of all, I hope he comes back." Gustin revealed. "Because I remember when it was like, they killed off Wentworth a while back when he was a Legend, and then he was back and I worked with him a couple times. So I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I get to work with him again."

Gustin says that working alongside Miller since The Flash's early days has been a surreal experience.

"That's been a really cool thing to have on the show since season one of The Flash." Gustin explained. "He's been a cool actor to have on set for me and just to talk to, he's been around on Prison Break and all kinds of other things. He's just been a good guy to have on set and talk to."

With the actors bringing to life one of DC Comics' beloved rivalries, Gustin knows that fans want to see more of that dynamic, and thinks there's possibly more story there to tell.

"And also the fans love those two characters together. We always talk about when we act together. We're like, 'Man, I love these scenes.' They're different than anything else that the two of us do together on our show. There's all kinds of dynamics there. They started as enemies, and they came to respect each other and I think they came to care about each other even. But there's trust issues there, probably on both sides. There's a lot going on. There's probably more going on with that relationship than almost any other Barry relationship."


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.