Did DC Just Kill Off a Major Antagonist?

The Terrifics has proved to be an unpredictable and truly delightful read, expanding some oft-forgotten sides of the DC universe in unexpected ways. The series is (sadly) marching towards its end, but it looks like that won't be without making some major status quo changes. In particular, the issue seemed to include a poignant - and finite, for now - death for one of the series' characters, bringing an end to his decades-long history in the DC space. Obviously, spoilers for The Terrifics #28 below! Only look if you want to know!

For much of the issue, The Terrifics and the T-Council dealt with the arrival of Parasite, who had infiltrated the Terrifictech Modern Community Association, a utopian community that Mr. Terrific set up in Gateway City. At the same time, Rex Mason/Metamorpho and Sapphire Stagg spent their time in the hospital watching over Simon Stagg, who had previously been injured after merging with a monstrous entity. As Metamorpho revealed to Sapphire, he used his element manipulation powers to literally turn his hand into lung tissue for Simon's body to use.

the terrifics simon stagg death 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

Later on in the issue, Metamorpho's efforts proved to not be enough, as Simon's heart rate began to drop rapidly. Metamorpho called for the doctors to revive him, but it appeared to be too late. The issue ended with The Terrifics and Sapphire at Simon's funeral, which was then promptly interrupted by the arrival of Sebastian Stagg, Sapphire's estranged brother.

the terrifics simon stagg death 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

While death is usually a kind of nebulous thing in the world of comics, it certainly seems like (for the time being) that Simon's death is sticking for a while. (The next issue's solicitation opens with "Simon Stagg is dead," if that wasn't clear enough.) Not only does it shift the status quo of the series itself, which Simon has been a part of for multiple arcs, but it provides a major emotional motivation for the team going forward. It's safe to assume that if Simon does come back, it will be due to something tied to the ever-growing "dark multiverse" shenanigans, given his initial attempt to open a portal into that world.


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The Terrifics #29 will be released on August 4th.

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