'Titans' Confirms A New Version Of Deathstroke

The the premiere of Titans coming to DC Universe in one week, fans are speculating about the future of the superhero series based on the classic Teen Titans comic books. It turns out, we might be getting a classic villain in the very near future.

While speaking during the DC Universe panel at New York Comic Con, series writer and producer Geoff Johns teased that a fan-favorite storyline will be tackled in future episodes, leading to an updated take on Deathstroke the Terminator. ComicBook.com was on hand, getting the latest information straight from the mouth of Johns himself.

When talking about a possible adaptation of "The Judas Contract," Johns told the audience at the panel that they "would be fools not to," Johns said. Given that Deathstroke is the major villain in that comic storyline, Titans would have to introduce him on the series sooner than later.

"You'll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it will be a new version," said Johns.

It will be interesting how the new series tackles that storyline, given that it's already a bit darker with some controversial moments between Deathstroke and Terra. But given the harder edge on Titans, it seems like it will be right in place with the tone the series is striking.

ComicBook.com's review for the first few episodes of Titans was just posted, and our own Charlie Ridgely praised the sensibilities of the new series.

"There are certainly things in Titans that won't work for everyone," the review states. "The show can be a bit a cheesy at times, and you might wonder if it's taking itself to seriously. There are also just a few kinks in the scripts -- slight pacing issues and a couple of lines that fall completely flat -- but they are few and far between. For every moment that I thought about groaning, there are at least seven at which I laughed, cheered, or silently pumped my fist."

There is a lot of opportunity for the future of the show and the streaming platform in general, as they're not planning to build a shared universe right off the bat.


"It is much like the multiverse in the comics, and I don't think there's any hard, fast rules saying that Stargirl and Swamp Thing aren't in the same universe as Titans and Doom Patrol," Johns said. "Right now I'm just working on Stargirl and trying to make Stargirl the best Stargirl TV show it can possibly be. Whether it connects to another show down the line is open-ended."

Fans will get to see how the journey begins when Titans premieres on DC Universe on October 12th.