New 'Titans' Preview Asks "Does Batman Know You're Here?"

The latest episode of Titans is titled 'Jason Todd', and it sees former Robin Dick Grayson [...]

The latest episode of Titans is titled "Jason Todd", and it sees former Robin Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) team-up with the new Robin, Jason Todd (Curran Walters), in order to solve a grisly murder mystery.

In this latest promo for "Jason Todd", Titans gives DC fans another thrilling tease, by name-dropping Batman!

As you can see in the scene above, "Jason Todd" picks up after the events of the previous episode, and finds Dick and Jason taking Dr. Adams for interrogation. Along the way, the two Robins have a chance to get acquainted, like two brothers sneaking out of the house, wondering if daddy will find out:

Jason Todd: "This is awesome! Robin and Robin in action!"

Dick Grayson: "Who the hell are you?"

JT: "Jason Todd, the new Robin. Robin 2.0, right? Hey seriously man, it's an honor to meet you. I was wondered what this moment would be like; never thought that when it happened I'd be saving your life."

DG: "The new Robin, eh?"

JT: "Yours truly, in the flesh."

DG: "Does Batman know you're here?"

JT: "Of course! Bruce knows how badly I've always wanted to meet you. Pick your brain, catch a couple pointers. He's all, 'Go for it bro.'"

That's just a small sampling of what Curran Waters' Jason Todd is like in this episode of Titans; he definitely brings to life the image of the brash, headstrong, Jason Todd who treats being Robin like game - just like in the comics. And we all know what happened to that kid...

Within the world of Titans, it seems that both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd are on some pretty familiar trajectories. It's not hard to see the two Robins meeting in "Jason Todd" will propel things forward: Dick will struggle to find a new identity for himself now that Robin has been taken (ultimately becoming Nightwing), while Jason's brash and carefree approach to being Robin eventually gets him brutally murdered by The Joker, and resurrected as Red Hood. It'll be interesting just how much of that DC Comics lore Titans uses - and how quickly those story arcs play out.

Titans has been playing a hot/cold game with teasing fans about an appearance from Batman. The show's latest trailer features The Dark Knight's silloheutte, which had fans freaking out that a Batman cameo was happening soon. However, Titans has also thrown some pretty strong Batman denials into various moments of dialogue - including the infamous "F*ck Batman" moment from the Titans pilot. The previous episode of the show straight told us (via Dick's conversation with Garth) that we will not see Batman in Titans, so it's best not to get your hopes up.

Titans is now streaming new episodes every Friday on DC Universe.