Titans Season 2: Curran Walters Confirmed As Series Regular

DC Universe's Titans has upgraded actor Curran Walters from a recurring role to a series regular, ahead of season 2's debut. Warner Bros. Television confirmed the status change to Comicbook.com, after previous rumors that Walters' character of Robin (aka Jason Todd) was getting a bigger role in the show, after being a fan-fav breakout of season 1.

Walters was previously hinting at something big happening with his Jason Todd character, dropping teases on social media that he was putting in some serious work to prep for season 2. And now we know why!

Last we saw of Jason Todd, he was working with Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) to solve the mystery of the Haly's Circus slayings, which were tied to Dick's past. Jason made a badass entrance into the series by saving Dick from a security team's ambush at Dr. Adamson's home, and the pair of Robins then tracked down the serial killer murdering Dick's circus family until they uncovered that it was Nick Zucco, aka "The Melting Man," who was using acid to kill the Haly's members as revenge against Dick for allowing his father and family to die. After stopping Zucco, Jason went a step too far, brutally beating the cops who had come to arrest Zucco. That left him and Dick on the outs, as the original Robin didn't approve of how his cocky, angry, successor handled himself in the streets.

We actually got one more cameo appearance form Jason in the Titans season finale; in a fantasy created by the demon lord Trigon, Dick was contact by a crippled Jason, who recruited him to stop Batman's vengeful rampage against the criminals of Gotham. That fantasy ends with Dick killing Batman, which turns out to be the test that leaves him possessed by Trigon's evil

Given how Titans season 1 ends with Dick revealing his possession, it only makes sense that "Evil Dick" (pun) would target Jason Todd, and/or why the Titans may need to recruit Jason, in order to stop Dick. Either way, fans are going to be happy to see Currant Walters in all his swag glory - and even more happy to speculate how this season 2 arc could set Jason Todd on the way to a violent death and wild resurrection as Red Hood.

Titans season 2 has also added Esai Morales to play Deathstroke; Chella Man as Deathstroke's son, Joseph Wilson, aka Jericho; and Chelsea T. Zhang as Slade Wilson's daughter Rose, aka Ravager.

Are you looking forward to the second season of Titans? What do you think of the casting decisions so far? Let us know in the comments!



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