Titans Set Video Shows Nightwing in Action for the First Time

The new season of Titans is underway, and the flagship DC Universe series is wasting no time in putting the young generation of superheroes in danger as major villains like Dr. Light and Deathstroke return. And while there are serious questions surrounding the safety of characters like Jason Todd and Aqualad, the former Robin Dick Grayson remains at the center of the series with a ton of questions surrounding his future. He's burned his old sidekick costume, abandoned his identity, and left the side of his mentor Batman. But he still wants to remain as a crimefighter.

Actor Brenton Thwaites has shown Dick Grayson as a man who wants to train a new generation of heroes and help shape their future, but he's still unsure of his own direction. It looks like he'll soon embrace his identity as Nightwing, as new set photos have shown us glimpses of his comic-accurate costume.

Now we have a brand new set video that shows Nightwing in action alongside the other Titans, likely for the Season 2 finale coming later this year. Check it out below.

Titans showrunner Greg Walker teased to ComicBook that fans should expect to see Nightwing in the series sooner rather than later.

"It's in the shadows, so stay tuned if you really want Nightwing information this season, I think you'll be satisfied by the end of the year," said Walker.

Part of this development into his own identity as Nightwing might come down to the involvement of Bruce Wayne, who is playing an important part in the new episodes. Walker revealed more details about Batman's role in the second season of Titans.


"Well Bruce was a huge character on our show last year, you just didn't see him, I mean for the most part. For Dick, he was omnipresent and it felt like we really needed to dive into Dick's relationship with Bruce to really understand Dick better," Walker explained. "I was really excited as a writer to go into Bruce Wayne. There's been so much done about Batman but there's not a ton about about being Bruce Wayne... Bruce is really awesome at being Batman, he's kind of crappy at being Bruce. We wanted to work on Bruce Wayne trying to restore that relationship with Dick in a way get back to an updated version of father and son."

New episodes of Titans air every Friday on DC Universe.