Titans Showrunner Balances a Lot More Heroes and Villains in Season 2

The flagship series of Warner Bros. superhero-centric streaming service is set to make a comeback, and many fans are anticipating the second season of Titans premiering on DC Universe this Friday. And while the first season ended on a cliffhanger focused on Dick Grayson, the new episodes promise to open up the scope and include many of the fan-favorite heroes who made sporadic appearances so far — and will also introduce a few more. But with a large cast of characters already growing, Titans has an interesting challenge in balancing all these personalities in the second season.

ComicBook had the chance to speak with Titans showrunner Greg Walker about this unique issue, and he gave us some insight into how the DC Universe series will juggle all of these heroes and villains.

"We have like a cast of thousands here, so servicing everybody, it's been an interesting and welcome challenge," Walker explained. "The core four are definitely there, but then you've got Jason Todd, you've got Wonder Girl and we brought in Superboy, we brought in a bunch of other characters. It's about getting all this together in a big room and then going about the world in different ways."

He added, "I think that we try to give everybody really specific emotional arcs through the season and challenges, some of them have to do with the sins of the past and some of them have to do with more present day challenges and struggles. There's a lot of story to 13 episodes and you can't have 13 people in a room looking at each other, playing Chutes and Ladders. So at some point, they go out in the world and they have to face their own challenges, only to come back to Titans, or not come back to Titans, or come back to Titans broken. That's kind of how we use it as a home base."

It will be interesting to see how characters like Ravager, Jericho, Superboy, and Aqualad are incorporated into the mix, especially with villains such as Deathstroke and Dr. Light waiting in the wings to strike.


The first season of Titans managed to juggle the core four's struggles and plot lines, coalescing into a climax that has yet to be resolved. We'll find out if Season 2 can balance all of these characters as well when the show returns to DC Universe on September 6th.