'Titans' Batmobile Designs Revealed

DC Universe's Titans streaming series recently brought the Batman world into the spotlight, as Jason Todd's Robin showed up in Chicago for an impromptu team-up with Dick Grayson. The Batman family meeting didn't include an appearance from Batman himself, but there were plenty of references to The Dark Knight's world, including a brief look at the Batcave and the always iconic Batmobile.

Most fans probably saw that brief tease of the Titans universe Batmobile and thought it was pretty cool - but just wait to you get a look at the full gallery of concept art designs for Titans' Batmobile!

Titans Batmobile Concept Art
Titans Batmobile Designs_2
Titans Batmobile Designs_3
Titans Batmobile Designs_4
Titans Batmobile Designs_5
Titans Batmobile Designs_6
Titans Batmobile Designs_7

As you can see in the post above, artist John Gallagher was tapped to do the concept art for Titans' Batmobile, and went with a pretty wide range of designs. Looking at the Facebook post images from top left (clockwise): we have Lamborghini-style design from some of the more modern Batman comics; the more classic '70s / '80s Neal Adams / Lambo design with bubble windshields; the classic "Golden Age" early design with the Bat battering-ram on front; the "DC Rebirth" version inspired by Batman: The Animated Series; a modern spin on the first Batmobile design, which is just a luxury car that has a grill and headlights resembling a bat's head; a more colorful spin on the DCEU movie Batmobile (mixed with Bruce Timm); and finally, another Lambo design that's hard to place, but would be a nice ode to the car Jason Todd tried to still the wheels off of in the comics.

Titans seems to have gone with the latter versions of Gallagher's design concepts, with the long sleek body, and hint of a red racing stripe, which is a callback to the original red luxury car design. As you can see, it's such a small Easter egg in the show, albeit one that inspires a whole lot of discussion about the design choices - and speculation about what the look of Batman himself would be in the show.

One of the newest Titans promos revealed a silhouette of Batman in costume, and fans were saying the design was very much in keeping with Ben Affleck's Batman suit. At the same time, Titans has been practically trolling fans with the fact that Batman will not be appearing in the show at any time in the foreseeable future, so all of these teases of his iconic gadgets, vehicles and lairs is somewhat cruel!


However, while Batman may not show, there is still plenty of intrigue as Dick Grayson is now set on the path to becoming Nightwing, while Titans' Jason Todd may meet the same dark fate as his comic book predecessor.

Titans is available on the DC Universe app now and updates with new episodes every Friday.