Titans Unveils New Look at Aqualad Ahead of Next Week's Big Reveal

The newest episode of Titans is finally peeling back the layers on the villains' master plan, as [...]

The newest episode of Titans is finally peeling back the layers on the villains' master plan, as Doctor Light lays a trap and Deathstroke makes his attack. And while these actions could have major repercussions for the revived team of heroes, it's not likely that we'll find out what that plan is right away — instead, we're probably looking at a flashback in the next episode called "Aqualad." And ahead of the fourth episode set to debut on the DC Universe app next Friday, they revealed a brand new image of the former Titan member with Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl hiding in the background.

Take a look at the image of Aqualad, played by Drew Van Acker, ahead of his debut next week on Titans.

aqualad titans
(Photo: Titans)

The Season 2 preview of Titans revealed our first look at Aqualad, but the character has yet to appear in the show as of yet. And while that's set to change with next week's episodes, the series has made it clear that there are strange circumstances surrounding his absence. Just in the latest episode, when Donna Troy returns to Titans Tower in San Francisco for the first time since the original team disbanded, she mentions that there are "ghosts" in the building.

Hawk and Dove both mention that they're not comfortable with returning to their old base, much less becoming superheroes once again, especially because of what Deathstroke did to them in the past. While they don't go into details, they do find out that Deathstroke is not dead like they previously thought, and that his daughter Rose Wilson is holed up in the Tower with them. They don't like the thought of Deathstroke coming to look for her, considering their last run in with the deadly mercenary.

Showrunner Greg Walker told ComicBook that the team's history will have major implications for the new season of Titans.

"Both the Titans history to the books and Titans history from what we think happened during the intermitting years between when the Titans first formed, when they broke up, and the present [play into Season 2]. So there's a lot of backstory that gets revealed that was lurking in the shadows last season," Walker explained.

All in all, it sounds like Aqualad probably met a dire fate during their last confrontation with Deathstroke, and this episode will reveal some major answers about the Titans' history. And considering what happened to Jason Todd at the end of this week's episode, it might not bode well for the team.

New episodes of Titans are available for streaming every Friday on DC Universe.