Warner Bros. Producers Stand Behind Zack Snyder, Explain Tone of Justice League Trailer

Producers Charles Roven and Richard Suckle have been around with Warner Bros. and DC Films for [...]

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Producers Charles Roven and Richard Suckle have been around with Warner Bros. and DC Films for awhile now. The critical panning of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad are certainly disappointments for the pair, who constantly have to look forward, with Wonder Woman next up and others lined up for the next several year. However, they are focused on the positive, being happy with fan response, especially for Squad.

"We're ecstatic by the fan support and fan reaction that we've received," Suckle told WSJ.com in a wide-ranging interview about the past, present, and future of DC Films.

While one unsubstantiated, unverified report from an alleged ex-employee has thrown some question at Wonder Woman's prospects, Suckle was very happy with the response to the first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, and looks forward to the story of Wonder Woman getting unveiled, building off her very popular first appearance in BvS.

"It really riffed off of that. It was really looking to answer some of the questions raised, if not necessarily answered, about her place in the world as she was introduced in Batman v Superman," he said.

As for the big team epic that brings everyone together, Justice League, the pair is standing behind director Zack Snyder and says that tonal shift from BvS to Justice League's first trailer were not just a direct response to criticism, but rather the plan all along, necessitated by the inclusion of more, new characters. Roven admitted that they "did take into consideration some of the things that [they] learned from some of the comments about Batman v Superman," though.

Paying attention doesn't mean they need to start doing everything fans and critics say, or they run the risk of losing focus, though.

"I'm just saying you need to pay attention [to criticism], but you also need to stay true to your vision. Zack Snyder is a great director," Roven said definitively. He credits Snyder with the initiative in showing the humorous side of Justice League with the initial reel played at SDCC, as Snyder's statement that "'Hey, I can do this too.'" Roven says the characters will continue to evolve as "they begin to interact with each other," too.

Of course, none of this addresses that there was a change in the pecking order at DC Films, with DC Entertainment CCO and celebrated comic book writer Geoff Johns being made co-head of the production side of the company alongside WB EVP Jon Berg. The pair were brought in for a reason, and while neither has talked in public about the new gig, the indication is that they want to see the DC Comics characters reach their real potential as billion-dollar franchises. Johns also recently helped the publishing side change their direction, working to bring "hope and optimism" back to the forefront of their storytelling on the printed page, and it's been assumed that he'll be trying for the same on the big screen.

Suicide Squad is in theaters now, with Wonder Woman on the way next June and Justice League following in November.

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