Watchmen's Plans for Doctor Manhattan May Set Up Season 2

Doctor Manhattan likes to quote his favorite piece of literature when he says "nothing ever ends," and despite the first season of Watchmen coming to a conclusion on HBO, we all know that isn't true. Sure, the show might have definitely established the fates of characters like Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan himself, there are too many questions left lingering, too many plot threads that can be picked up in the future. And while there might not be any plans in place for Watchmen Season 2 at the moment, we wouldn't be surprised if we get to see the continued adventures of Angela Abar.

Warning: Spoilers for the season finale of Watchmen below.

In the episode, Lady Trieu and Angela expose the Rorschach gang and Cycops' master plan of taking Doctor Manhattan's powers and summarily kill off the group of lame racists rather swiftly, though Trieu makes it clear she wants those abilities for herself.

But her own pride would be her undoing, as she is the one who rescued her biological father Ozymandias from his exile on Europa, and it is Adrian Veidt who would be the one to foil her plan for world domination.

Lady Trieu was successful in killing Doctor Manhattan and siphoning his powers, but she is then thwarted in her plan to absorb those abilities when Ozymandias reigns a storm of frozen squid on her and the Millennium Clock, effectively killing her and her goons. And while Ozymandias feels he needs to be celebrated for saving the world for a second time, the former Silk Spectre Laurie Black and Looking Glass both feel differently.

Remember, Looking Glass was near Manhattan when Ozymandias dropped the giant squid and killed 3 million people, and now that he's with the person directly responsible for his own personal struggles, he's not about to let that go. So he and Laurie arrest Ozymandias, knowing that they're going to turn him in for his crimes against humanity.

This means they will likely reveal the secret behind the alien attack in the '80s. And while President Robert Redford was complicit after he learned of the deed, he is not planning to run another term in this timeline. And the only major candidate is now dead, as Senator Keene was killed off along with the rest of the Cyclops leadership.

So the future of the United States might be on hold, but the world itself might be in better hands.


At the end of the episode, Angela discovers an egg that Cal likely left behind for her once his abilities and memories as Doctor Manhattan returned. We then see a flashback of their first date when Cal explains he could possibly transfer his powers to another person if they consume organic material of his creation. There were other hints in this episode that indicated that Cal always intended for Angela to become the next Doctor Manhattan, knowing she could do a better job of saving the world than he ever could.

With all of these different plot threads in place, not to mention the mysterious absence of Laurie's ex-boyfriend Nite Owl, there are a lot of possibilities for Season 2 of Watchmen. It just depends on if HBO and showrunner Damon Lindelof decide to make it happen.