Watchmen Reveals the Rorschachs' Master Plan

The latest episode of Watchmen featured a lot of major revelations for the alternate version of 2019, taking place nearly three decades after the events of the seminal comic book from Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins. And despite Ozymandias' gambit for world peace, the world remains on the bring of conflict while some of its most powerful entities sit on the sidelines. And while we learned a lot more about Doctor Manhattan in this episode and where he's been over the last decade, we also learn more about the Seventh Kavalry AKA the Rorschach's and what they're planning in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Warning: MAJOR spoilers for Watchmen episode "An Almost Religious Awe" below.

In this episode, we get to see what the major factions are planning and it becomes clear that the Seventh Kavalry is not very altruistic. When Laurie Blake, the former Silk Spectre-turned-FBI agent questions the widow of deceased police chief Judd Crawford over his involvement with the Rorschachs and his legacy with the Ku Klux Klan, as well as a possible connection to the Cyclops group that Hooded Justice tangled with in last week's flashback episode, Judd's surviving wife doesn't try to hide the connection.

After a struggle with a malfunctioning remote control, she drops Laurie through a trap door and places a call to Senator Joe Keene Jr., who was previously seen explaining to Looking Glass that they have big plans for teleportation technology after the discovery that the alien invasion was a hoax perpetrated by Ozymandias.

Laurie assumes that Keene's plans, orchestrating the White Night and getting a bunch of cops killed so that they'd be sanctioned to wear masks and be anonymous, were small steps in a long con to take the Presidency of the United States now that Robert Redford isn't running for office. But Keene makes it clear that he has his sights set on something much bigger.

The episode ends with the Rorschachs keeping watch on Angela's house as she's come to the realization that her home life is in danger, and it's clear that she's aware just who Doctor Manhattan is and where he's been hiding. It turns out that the superpowered scientist has been living his life as her husband Cal, though he's unaware of his existence due to some strange device planted in his forehead.

Angela knows that Cal is in danger, though she is unaware that the Rorschachs are planted outside her home and are watching their family, and the end of the episode makes it clear that they understand Doctor Manhattan's true identity and that they have big plans for the superpowered being.


The episode ends with Angela "waking" Cal up, though Doctor Manhattan is surrounded by the Seventh Kavalry who obviously have dubious plans for the omnipotent being.

We'll find out more about what the Rorschachs plan to do with Doctor Manhattan in next week's penultimate episode of Watchmen, airing on HBO TV.