Why We're Excited For A Harley Quinn Movie After Suicide Squad

If you've seen Suicide Squad, you are well aware of just how much Margot Robbie embodies the [...]

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

If you've seen Suicide Squad, you are well aware of just how much Margot Robbie embodies the character of Harley Quinn. She's funny, lethal, and certifiably crazy, but there is also an underlying sweetness to the character and how she interacts with the rest of her team.

Even before Suicide Squad released into theaters, Warner Bros. and DC were already lining up a spinoff starring Robbie's Harley Quinn, though last time we heard anything it was just in the planning phase. The box office performance of Suicide Squad will likely dictate if any spinoffs will become a reality, but even if the numbers don't blow executives out of the park, Robbie's Harley is a home run, both in merchandising and in box office potential.

From here on out there will be spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, best you save this article for later.

In Suicide Squad, Harley's entire origin is pretty much addressed through several flashbacks, so the good news is that if a spin-off indeed happens, the Director won't need to devote any precious screen time rehashing the facts. That will allow the film to get off to a speedy start, something that suits the chaotic nature of the character.

Although it wasn't necessary, Joker and Harley's dysfunctional relationship is also touched on during Suicide Squad, which should allow the Harley spinoff some freedom in where it wants to go with their relationship. It could make her a bit more independent, telling a story after the two have split, or have Harley be the one responsible for saving The Joker.

There is a glimpse of Harley in her classic comic costume as the two embark on their crime spree during the film, and hopefully, we'll get to see more of that in her solo outing, as well as their various interactions she has had over the years with Batman.

Gtoham City Sirens
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Harley is one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe, but not just with fans. The character has developed relationships with several of Gotham's more notable rogues, including best friends Poison Ivy and Catwoman. While Catwoman is most likely being saved for later down the road, perhaps the solo Affleck directed Batman film, this would be a great opportunity to introduce Ivy.

The two have a definite Thelma and Louise vibe in the books, and introducing the character here would let viewers get to know Poison Ivy before using her in a more prototypical villain role later on. In fact, you could even place them at odds with The Riddler, who Harley tends to have a love-hate relationship with. If you keep the cast small, Harley's solo project is a great way to round out the Batman-verse without sacrificing the fun and mayhem that a Harley film should have. In short, it could be a fantastic addition to the DC Cinematic Universe, and hopefully, it happens sooner than later.