Wig Wam's Do Ya Wanna Taste It? From Peacemaker Opening Credits Reaches Number One On iTunes Rock Chart

"Do Ya Wanna Taste It?" from Wig Wam, the song that plays over the opening credits of Peacemaker, has reached the #1 spot on the iTunes rock charts following the first season's acclaimed finale and the announcement that a second season is on the way. The song was originally released in 2009, making this the second time (after Guardians of the Galaxy and "Hooked on a Feeling") that one of Gunn's projects has catapulted a years-old song onto the charts again. Gunn, in a tweet announcing the #1 position, said he was glad to have helped a broader audience find the song.

Wig Wam is a Norwegian glam metal band formed in 2001, who had some bad luck right before their song took off thanks to Peacemaker. In fact, they were dropped by their agent three days before the show premiered

"Three days before the Peacemaker premiere our [Scandinavian] booking agency [United Stage] dropped us from their roster because there was too little interest in the band," singer Åge Sten Nilsen (aka "Glam") said in a recent interview with Billboard. "I told them, maybe they should wait a couple of days...but they didn't."

You can see Gunn's tweet below.

Hitting #1 on the charts is probably a pretty good way to find a more supportive agency going forward.

"I knew about them for a while," Gunn said at the time. "I read a bunch of books on hair metal and I started searching sites where you go to find different types of music. I get really heavily into different types of music at different times. I was really, really into power pop for a while and I have hundreds and hundreds of obscure power pop albums on disc. I got really into Swedish rock for a while and I would write on the Swedish music blogs and talk to the guys putting them together… and then I got into this. I got into hair metal and Wig Wam, for that type of modern European sleaze rock, they are not that unknown. There are other bands like Crazy Lixx out there that are super fun. We have another one of Wig Wam's songs in episode 7 that's pretty cool."

You can watch the full first season of Peacemaker on HBO Max now. Wig Wam's intro (and the Peacemaker cast's dance number) is also available as a music video online.