Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig Discuss Their “Instant Connection”

After a long wait, Wonder Woman 1984 is finally hitting theatres and HBO Max on Christmas Day. The [...]

After a long wait, Wonder Woman 1984 is finally hitting theatres and HBO Max on Christmas Day. The early reviews for the film are positive and after many exciting teases from the cast, DC fans are ready to finally get a glimpse of the film. A recent video shared by franchise star, Gal Gadot, showed a look inside the on and offscreen relationship between Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and Cheetah/Barbara Ann Minerva. Gadot spent a lot of time on set with Cheetah actor Kristen Wiig and it turns out the two had an "instant connection."

"I was so thrilled to work with Kristen Wiig, I knew she is super funny and talented but I had no idea we would have such an instant powerful connection," Gadot wrote on Instagram. "She made every day on set so much fun, made me laugh until I cried, and made this whole experience so special to me. I love you Krissy!" Another Wonder Woman 1984 star, Pedro Pascal (Maxwell Lord), commented on the post. "My heart is going to explode," he wrote. You can check out the full video below:

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"I love Kristen Wiig," Gadot says in the video. "We have this beautiful friendship." "It was an instant connection," Wiig adds. "We have a very similar sense of humor." The video goes on to show clips of Gadot and Wiig both from the movie and behind-the-scenes. "Gal is a great scene partner and friend," Wiig explains. "But at the same time, we can immediately go into those scenes where we have that sort of superhero/villain rivalry." She added, "Gal and I love each other."

Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) shows up in the video and adds, "Gal and Kristen make this awesome duo." Director Patty Jenkins chimes in, saying, "It's great to see that love and friendship blossom. It just filled me with joy."

While talking with ComicBook.com during a mixer event following screenings of Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins opened up about their approach to Cheetah and working with Wiig throughout production.

"Executing Cheetah was harrowing," Jenkins admitted over a Zoom call. "I got to tell you, I knew that I wanted Cheetah to be in it, but from day one I was like, 'Whew, this is ... Got to be right!' You know? I was so scared about not getting it to look right, and it took every second from the moment we started prep to the moment we watched picture to get it there. Like, every single second was so hard to do."

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max on December 25.