'Young Justice: Outsiders' Teases the Debut of Cyborg

The latest episodes of Young Justice clearly explain the goals of the Light and how the caped crusaders of the Justice League plan to stop them, but it also teases a new generation of heroes.

While the Teen Titans have mostly been absent in the animated series thus far, the episode "Evolution" and its followup "Triptych" make it clear that more members of the fan-favorite superhero group could be coming soon.

Warning: Spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders below.

During a scene that's reminiscent of the first season when the fledgling Team is relaxing on the beach, Superboy is listening to a radio broadcast from Steve Lombard that talks about some prominent high school athletes, including a prodigal football wide receiver named Victor Stone.

For those who are unaware, Victor Stone is the civilian name of Cyborg, who has been a prominent member of the Justice League and the Teen Titans in other DC Comics continuities. To drive the point even further, Lombard names him as a member of the "All Star Squadron" among high school athletes, an obvious reference to the classic superhero team from vintage DC Comics publishing.

It's also worth pointing out that Victor comes from Henry Heywood High School in Detroit, which is the civilian name for the Justice Society member Commander Steel, further fleshing out the DC Comics world of Earth-16.

While this by itself might not be a big deal, the next episode further sets up the possibility that Cyborg will play a role in the future of Young Justice.

In the episode "Triptych," Simon Stagg attempts to coerce a group of meta-humans and steal a mysterious device of Reach origin that's known as a "meta-human fail safe." But the heroes recover it, and Miss Martian and Superboy deliver the object to S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit, mentioning that Dr. Stone will be able to figure out its purpose.

This is likely a reference to Silas Stone, Victor's father, considering a high school football player is unlikely to be an expert in alien tech for a secret organization, and that Young Justice is following the continuity that fans are familiar with.

The series also shows two characters arresting Simon Stagg who look a lot like Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, but that's for another time.


Young Justice: Outsiders continues to explore the DC Universe of Earth-16, and it's still a very exciting place. Hopefully we get to see Cyborg joining the team sooner than later.

The mid-season finale of Young Justice airs next week on DC Universe, on January 25th.