'Young Justice' Showrunner Says Season 3 Is Finished

Shortly after DC Universe launched, the budding streaming service granted the wish of many fans when Young Justice returned for the first new episodes in over 5 years. The third season, dubbed Young Justice: Outsiders, was well received upon its debut though it's since gone on hiatus.

We're still months away from the return of Young Justice, but now the people who make the show can sit back and relax for the time being. Executive Producer Greg Weisman recently revealed that all episodes of the animated series are complete.

DC Universe has been rotating new series in its first year, starting with the first season of Titans before the premiere of Young Justice. Doom Patrol is currently streaming new episodes every week, winding down its first season

The new episodes will further the heroes' attempts to thwart a meta-human trafficking ring being backed by the Light. But they'll have to deal with the threat of infiltration, as someone has comprised their ranks.

The series originally aired on Cartoon Network from 2010 to 2013. The first two seasons made use of a five year time jump, and Outsiders picks up three years after the events of Season 2. While speaking with ComicBook.com, executive producer Brandon Vietti explained the reasoning behind these plot decisions.

"We do have those discussions, as we're crafting the beats of the stories. And there are some big events that we can sort of rely on for 'the big fans in the room' will get, but we're also okay if a new fan in the room doesn't get it," Vietti said

We'll find out if the mid-season premiere, titled "Influence" will jump to another point in the future, or if they'll save that for a possible fourth season.

Young Justice: Outsiders returns to DC Universe on July 2nd.


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