New Report Sheds Light On Zack Snyder's Unfinished DCEU Vision

Whether you like it or not, it seems Zack Snyder's time with the DCEU has ended. The director first came to the franchise with Man of Steel, and the film kicked off a series of features that ended with Justice League last year. Now, a new report is out detailing the vision Snyder had for the cinematic universe, leaving fans to suss out how they feel about the drop.

Not long ago, it was Jay Olivia who opened up about the DCEU's origins. The storyboard artist did work on several DC Films under Snyder, and a fan asked Olivia to describe what the Man of Steel director had planned for his 5-film series. The artist could not say much, but those things Olivia could say were telling.

"I cannot go into any specifics," the artist wrote, "but it was epic, grand, emotional, joyful and unforgettable."

Looking at Olivia's strong description, fans are left wondering what happened to the DCEU. While Man of Steel and Batman v Superman did have epic moments, much of Snyder's superhero work was criticized for being too dark. If the director did plan for a more joyful franchise, fans are curious to know how Snyder planned for that to happen and what changed.

For better or worse, the world may never find out what those original plans were. After leaving Justice League, Snyder has kept a vocal distance from the DCEU and hinted he has yet to watch the ensemble film since it debuted to iffy reviews last November. Over on Vero, Snyder did reveal there's a soft Justice League 2 easter egg at the end of Batman v Superman. However, since Snyder has apparently cut ties with DC Entertainment, it is not likely that reference will get seen through. At this point, the fate of Justice League's second-half is in jeopardy as well.


For now, fans can do little but wonder what-if when it comes to the DCEU. Snyder's work with the franchise remain a controversial one, but Warner Bros. Pictures is clearly trying to move beyond that drama. With directors like Patty Jenkins and James Wan on its roster, the studio is looking to diversify its talent, so these directors will be the ones tasked with shaping the DCEU's new era.

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