Pokemon Go's Solstice Event Extended One Extra Day

players may have noticed that Fire and Ice-Type Pokemon are continuing to spawn even though the Solstice Event today. That's because Niantic just announced that the Solstice Event will continue until tomorrow afternoon.

Niantic extended the Solstice Event due to login issues experienced by many players. Anyone with a Pokemon Trainers Club account couldn't log into the game for most of Monday and today, frustrating a significant portion of the userbase.

Pokemon Go's latest update supposedly fixes the Pokemon Trainers Club login issue, but Niantic decided to extend the event to give those players affected some extra time to finish collecting Candies and earning extra XP bonuses.

The extra day marks Pokemon Go's latest step to reach out and engage with its userbase. Niantic announced the extension simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

Today was an exceptionally busy day for Pokemon Go. Late last night, developers updated the GAME_MASTER file to make some big changes to how damage is calculated. They also adjusted the sizes of Pokemon in preparation for the new update, which left some very strange graphics in the old edition.

The new update has also started its roll out and should be available around the world over the next 24-48 hours.