'Fear Effect Reinvented' Brings The Sexy PSOne Cult Classic To Modern Platforms

Retro is in right now, with series like Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog staging comebacks, and now Square Enix is digging even deeper into the nostalgia bag to bring fans Fear Effect Reinvented.

A full remake of the 2000 PlayStation cult classic, Fear Effect Remastered is being developed by indie studio Sushee who are also working on the original Kickstarter-funded game Fear Effect Sedna. In fact, it was the success of Sedna that convinced Square Enix to bring Fear Effect back in a bigger way. Here’s what Sushee CEO Benjamin Anseaume had to say about the Fear Effect revival:

"As soon as we announced Fear Effect Sedna and the revival of the franchise in April 2016, we got a lot of emails, tweets and Facebook messages to request remakes of the first episodes. One thing has always been clear with Square Enix, if the reception was enthusiastic enough, we could imagine doing everything with [the Fear Effect] license and it included remaking the old episodes.

We said this to the community after the announcement of Sedna and today we are very happy to say that it's thanks to the fan's support that everyone will be able to play, on every platform, this old classic in its new shape."

Anseaume also promises fans feedback will factor heavily into the creator of Fear Effect Reinvented:

“The most important point is the love for the franchise and taking feedback from the community into consideration. Making a remake or a sequel for a franchise that you didn't create yourself is very different from creating your own game. You don't have more of a right than most of the fans to create this game, it's just an opportunity, and paying attention to the community is crucial.”

For those who weren’t gaming in the early-2000s, Fear Effect was essentially Tomb Raider publisher Eidos’ attempt to do a sexy Resident Evil. The game also featured then-cutting-edge cell shaded visuals that still look surprisingly decent. The game was very of its time, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up today.

Fear Effect Reinvented strikes the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

[via GameIndustry.biz]