Attack on Titan 2 Confirmed for the Nintendo Switch

Attack on Titan 2 has recently been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch alongside other previously announced console releases.

News of the Switch version of the sequel to the first Attack on Titan game came recently from Koei Tecmo during the Tokyo Game Show 2017. Speaking at the conference, Koei Tecmo stated that the game would be releasing for the Nintendo Switch in addition to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and the PC through Steam sometime in early 2018 in Japan.

Attack on Titan 2 was formally announced back in August, but the recent news about the game’s console releases is a reassuring sign for those who own a Switch and are hoping to pick up a copy of the game next year. For those in the U.S. who are hoping to see the game on the Switch as well, the release seems like a pretty likely occurrence. It’s been confirmed to come to the States already, but despite the Switch version not being announced outside of Japan, it makes sense that Nintendo fans would get their shot at the game as well.

Based on the popular Attack on Titan anime and manga, those who follow the series will be reassured to hear that Koei Tecmo plans to faithfully incorporate characters and relationships into the new game. The game will encompass the second season of the anime with plenty of interactions between an increased number of characters compared to the first game, some of them while outside of battle and mingling about the base camp.

The Titans also won’t go down nearly as quickly this time around either with improvements made on the enemies and the battle mechanics. Titans will be much more difficult in the next game, and the way that players maneuver their characters on land and through the air has been improved to provide a more exciting experience.

Attack on Titan 2 is projected to release sometime in early 2018.

[via Gematsu]



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