Stardew Valley Making Big Announcement for Nintendo Switch Today - Release Date Coming


Stardew Valley is dropping imminently on Nintendo Switch. The CEO of developer and publisher Chucklefish tweeted that the news "we've been waiting for" is coming later today.

There are only to things we've been waiting for. We've been waiting to actually play the dang game on the Switch. That's our most urgent need. We'll settle for a release date. That is our second need. We can only assume that the good news we're looking forward to is a surprise "available now" announcement, or else a release date in the very near future. We know that Stardew Valley was already submitted for certification, so it was only a matter of time.

This is a huge deal for a huge number of Switch owners. It sounds almost hyperbolic, but Stardew Valley has been a system-seller from the moment it was announced. People have been buying the Switch for Zelda; they've been buying a Switch for Mario Odyssey; they've been buying a Switch for Stardew Valley. This is something that you can absolutely expect to see rise to the number one spot of the Nintendo Switch eShop, and it's something you can expect to devote many hours of your life to.

Stardew Valley was published by Chucklefish, but it was actually developed solely by Eric Barone, who spent years on the project. One man's years-long passion project has turned into one of the most adored games of the generation due to its overwhelming charm and sense of identity. The characterization is fantastic, the visuals are deliciously retro, it boasts a beautiful ambient soundtrack, and the gameplay has claimed the free-time of millions.

We expect an announcement any moment now. We'll keep you posted when we learn more, so stay tuned!