Pokemon-Themed Nintendo 2DS XL Has a Special Easter Egg

One of Nintendo's new 2DS XL systems has a special Easter egg just for Pokemon fans.

Later this year, Nintendo is releasing a Nintendo 2DS XL with a design based on a PokeBall. While previous "themed" Nintendo 2DS systems typically have a special skin, Nintendo went a little above and beyond for the new PokeBall-themed system.

It turns out that the front of the PokeBall Nintendo 2DS XL has a "functional" button, just like actual PokeBalls. You can even press down on the button...although you might be disappointed that it won't cause a Pokemon to jump out of the Nintendo 2DS.

The crazy thing is that the PokeBall button doesn't actually have a purpose. The button won't cause the Nintendo 2DS XL to open, or turn on or off, or even make that little noise that PokeBalls make when they miraculously grow in size in the anime. Nintendo simply installed a button on one of their systems entirely for show and to give owners a realistic experience. It's a cute and goofy Easter egg, but it shows you just how much effort Nintendo puts into their devices.

If you want to buy a Nintendo 2DS XL with an extra button entirely for show, it will only cost you $159.99. Mind you, the PokeBall Nintendo 2DS XL doesn't actually come with any games preloaded, so you'll need to pay extra if you want a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon when it comes out a few weeks after the PokeBall Nintendo 2DS XL is released.