Rainbow Six Siege Is Now Free With Purchase of an Xbox Live Subscription

Rainbow 2

Xbox One owners who are looking to renew their Xbox Live subscriptions can now receive a free copy of Rainbow Six Siege by purchasing a 6-month subscription through certain retailers.

As the year draws nearer to the holidays when many players likely add Xbox Live renewals to their wish lists to re-up for the next couple of months or year, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the offer before it’s gone to get a free game in the process. While some offers might tag on an indie game or an in-game cosmetic option for certain titles on the Xbox, Rainbow Six Siege is in no way a small game. The team-based Tom Clancy experience has been met with warm reception since its release, adding the game to your collection for free alongside an Xbox Live subscription is a superb deal.

So far, the deal to get Rainbow Six Siege alongside the Xbox Live membership appears to be available through a select few retailers. Best Buy and Amazon are two options that are offering the deal at this time, both of them tacking on the game for free after paying the $40 price for the 6-month membership. However, Best Buy currently appears to be offering an Xbox Live renewal that includes one bonus month on the 6-month subscription, so if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to extending your service, they’d be the preferred option.

Both of the retailers list the Rainbow Six Siege deal as a limited time offer, so you’ll have to act quick to take advantage of the deal. It’s only tied to the 6-month subscription and not the 12-month or 3-month offer, so while you’ll lose out on a few months from the year-long renewal, you’ll have a free game to show for it.

Codes for the free copy of the game will be distributed upon purchasing the subscription to allow for digital downloads, so look for your copy via email if you’re interested in the deal. There’s no end date listed for the deals at this time.

[via Wario64]