Fan-Made Mini Arcade Machine That Charges The Nintendo Switch ... We'll Take It!

Gamers have been known for their crafty ways, finding innovative ways to take what they have and take it to a new level. One person in particular took his love for Arcade Games and blended it with modern day technology with a mini-system that also charges the latest console from Nintendo.

The Redditor in question goes by the handle 'TheSuitGamer' and he took to the boards to show off his latest creation: a mini arcade machine that also offers up juice for the Nintendo Switch. The original post had nothing but the image of his creation, but he went into more detail as more and more interest occurred in the comment section.

(Photo: TheSuitGamer)

When one Redditor asked if he used any kind of template, 'TheSuitGamer' replied:

"To be honest I had no idea where to start. I had a Raspberry Pi and ordered some arcade machine buttons to just test. When I realised I had a usb powered hdmi monitor I won 6+ years ago I thought that everything could run from a USB powered hub (I used an anker one).

Made 3 templates out of thin card, which looked like it would work, cut the template apart and off I went, needed to make the screen slightly wider than the stencil suggested, but I did it in a garage with a few saws and hammers, should have planned better but completely stoked about how it came out.

Looked ace when it was painted white. Then had a friend offer to print the vinyls if I designed them, which I measured out a square area and used a photo to map out the curves. Made it 5cm too big on each vinyl just incase and thsts what really set it off for me. All the panels are images I mashed together and the Nintendo style manufacturer name really shows well IRL.

I'm sure there are guides out there, but I just had an idea and ran with it! So this one is fully custom designed. I think one of the issues I would have had from guides is most people use older displays which are 4:3. I've seen a few guides since finishing this, but they all use big older monitors. Which looks more retro, I just wanted to be able to run this from the mains or a usb battery pack!"

Not too shabby! It does have one pitfall though that another user pointed out - and this may be a make or break for some of you: It does not in fact have the capability to make pizza bagels. And that is a damn shame.