GameStop And ThinkGeek Will Have More SNES Classic Editions In Stock Soon


While Nintendo has been faring a bit better with its allocation of units for the SNES Classic Edition, there’s no question that it’s still a tough system to find, with everyone snapping up systems left and right. But you’ll soon have a chance to score one to call your own.

GameStop has announced that it will begin receiving new shipments of the all-in-one 16-bit machine, and will “have their full allotment by Thursday, October 12, at the latest.” That means you’ll be able to stop in and pick up a system for $80.

That said, you’ll want to keep tabs on availability. Considering how hot an item this is, it will likely go fast once it arrives in stores, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, with no note on when stock will be refilled again.

That said, there are other options available. GameStop has also noted that standalone systems and bundles will be available on their website starting tomorrow, but same rule applies – first come, first serve.

In addition, ThinkGeek has also confirmed that it will have several units available for purchase in its retail shop, as well as on its own website, but as a separate purchase and not a bundle deal – something that’s different from the NES Classic Editions it was selling earlier this year. This sale is expected to kick off tomorrow as well, so keep tabs on the home page for availability.

We’ll likely see more SNES Classic Editions getting in-stock in retailers over the next few weeks, to build up hype for the popularity of the item over the holiday season. That said, expect consumers and resellers to react quickly, because they won’t hesitate to get their hands on a system.

Of course, we’ll keep you in the know and remind you when retailers are expected to get the system back in stock, but you’ll still need to be quick if you’re hoping to put a SNES Classic Edition under your Christmas tree or in your stocking. Chances are you’re not the only one looking to make your holiday season with a little Star Fox 2