Destiny 2 SunShot Hand Cannon Prop Lets You Harness Your Inner Guardian!

(Photo: Designedby3D)

Destiny 2 has been making headway on the Xbox One and PlayStation. Though the title has only been out for a month, it's already seen impressive raid completions, Faction Rallies, players getting down on the Nightfall strikes, and more. For those of us that like to represent our gaming loves with IRL loot, we've got just the thing in mind!

One of the most popular hand cannons in the game of Destiny 2 is the Sunshot. It's powerful, it's easy to handle - and let's be real: it's sexy as hell. Now the Sunshot Hand Cannon is available to purchase to harness that inner Guardian with a beloved weapon. Don't like the traditional purples and oranges? There are custom options also available for those would want a more personalised touch.

(Photo: Designedby3D)

The gun itself is 3D printed. It has been sanded and assembled with a hand-painted acrylic paint job topped off with a satin varnish to give it a sleeker look. With the varnish in place, the paint applied is promised to last a long time to keep the Sunshot in impeccable condition.

As per the official product page:

Destiny 2 Sunshot prop
New, made to order.
Dimensions of the Sunshot are: 40,5 cm length, 6 cm width, 19,5 cm height
Time to produce: 5-15 days.
Shipping time: 12-24 days.
We are responsible for any loss or damage during the transit.

The prop itself is available now for $124.99 for those looking to cosplay, or just want an interesting collectible item to show off their Destiny love. No matter the reason, it is a neat piece to add to any collection, and with the custom paint and moving cylinders; it does provide a more tailored purchase to make it yours. Interested in checking out more? Check out the official retail listing here.

Destiny 2 is now now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, with a PC release slated for October 24th.