It’s Gears Of War 4’s First Anniversary – But Players Are Getting All The Gifts


It was exactly one year ago yesterday that The Coalition and Microsoft dropped Gears of War 4 on us, drawing us back into a world of chaos, and reintroducing a bunch of old favorites back into the series. But the developer isn’t resting easy on the first anniversary of this triumph, as it’s holding a special event where the players will get all the birthday presents. D’awwww.

First off, for today – and today only – the game is offering up the biggest Global XP bonus ever, with a 4X boost. That means you can build up XP across the board in Horde and Versus, from now all the way through 10 AM PDT on the 13th. That said, Bounties do not count, so stick with those two modes.

In addition, The Coalition has gifted Gary Carmine as a free player for everyone to enjoy, and he can be unlocked permanently the next time you join in the game.

There are other little things as well, as documented by The Coalition:

  • There's still time to collect Golden Gear and Golden Gear weapon skins until October 13th, and then again from October 20th for a short time.
  • Golden Gun, the ultimate hip-fire insta-gib simulator (we guess), is still running! Get out there and nail those fancy-looking Quads until it disappears on the 16th.
  • Once 4XP is over, we'll be back to Double XP until October 16th!
  • Clear your calendars - we'll have a FREE commemorative weapon skin to pick up in game this weekend only. Stay tuned!

And the team is just getting started, as it has plans to add even more cool stuff through the rest of this year. “We have plenty more to look forward to over the coming months. This October, we'll be focusing on celebrating how you made this year special on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we'll provide new opportunities to add some swag to your collection with some swagtastic giveaways,” it noted.

Here's a quick roadmap of what lies ahead for the game -- including Gearsmas!

Geras 2

So, it’s a good time to jump back into Gears of War 4 if it’s been a while, and it sounds like more cool stuff is on the way. Fire up that Lancer!

Gears of War 4 is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10.