Bethesda Could Be Pushing More Of Its Franchises To Mobile


While Bethesda is continuing to push out big business on the console front between the just-released Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and this month's Doom and Skyrim ports for Nintendo Switch, it’s paying close attention to the mobile market as well.

There’s a good reason for that, as its big mobile release, Fallout Shelter, managed to pass 100 million downloads this past September – an unprecedented number, even for a free-to-play title. There’s definitely a market there, and it appears that the publisher is exploring it more.

A new job listing has appeared on the Zenimax page indicating that the studio is looking for a Mobile Designer. “Zenimax Online Studios is hiring a Mobile Designer passionate about games and ZeniMax intellectual properties. Whether you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, Fallout, or any other of our award-winning properties, you’ll find something exciting to work on with us!

Our Mobile Designer will work with artists, programmers, producers and the rest of the ZeniMax team to create innovative cross-platform mobile games. We’re looking to do nothing less than create best-in-class games in the mobile space and we need a deeply passionate designer eager to pioneer new ideas, adapt classic play patterns, learn, and grow with the team.”

Notice the bold print? It points out that the next mobile project from Bethesda could be based on a number of its franchises. We could be looking at a mobile Prey game that ties into the console release that came out earlier this year, or even a Wolfenstein app that digs deeper into the lore of B.J. Blazkowicz and his continuing fight against the Nazis.

Some speculation has already popped up over at Resetera, with a member named Nirolak noting that two teams are working on mobile games for Bethesda – both its internal game studio and ZeniMax Online Studios, which specializes in Elder Scrolls games. They noted “While we could probably guess that the Bethesda game would be either Elder Scrolls or Fallout based, the question remained of what all these mobile games ZeniMax Online was working on would be based on.

“The answer is apparently, basically anything in the ZeniMax catalog.”

We’ll probably get a better idea of what’s next come E3 2018, when Bethesda will hold its own press conference again (more than likely) and announce its next big projects. We may know sooner than that, so we’ll inform you if we hear anything sooner.

You can check out Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android now, as well as Xbox One.