Xbox's Monthly Quests and Rewards for November Are Now Available

xbox one

November's monthly quests for Xbox players are now live and ready to be completed in return for prizes.

These quests won’t be replacing your achievements or any other Xbox feature, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on those in your games. Instead, these challenges are an entirely new addition that task players with performing a series of quests each month. You don’t even have to do anything to activate the new quests either, they’ll be readily available at the start of each month and will reset as new quests once the month’s over.

The Xbox quests for November are listed below:

  1. Log in to your Mixer app on Xbox One on five different days
  2. Increase your Gamerscore by 400 points
  3. Download two Games with Gold

The first and the last quest, logging into Mixer and downloading Games with Gold, should be pretty easy to accomplish. However, the second challenge of increasing your Gamerscore by 400 points may take a bit more effort, but with all the stellar recent and upcoming releases, Xbox owners should have no problem accomplishing that task.

From the requirements of the Games with Gold challenge, you might be wondering how you’d achieve that without a Gold Membership. Unfortunately, that challenge points towards the only catch with the quests – you have to have a Gold Membership to complete them. Most Xbox gamers likely already have this if you’re into multiplayer features in any way, so that hopefully won’t rule out too many quest-goers.

If you’re successful in completing all three of the quests this month, you’ll be guaranteed to win a mystery prize. Since it’s a mystery, we don’t know what it’ll be yet, but getting a prize for things that you were probably going to do anyway is a pretty sweet deal.

Aside from this mystery prize, one lucky Xbox owner who completes all the quests will also earn a 55” Samsung 4K TV with a TV being given out each month, something that’ll go perfectly with an Xbox One X.

The quests are now live and can be found within the Gold Membership area of your Xbox One console.